Data Collection

CAREMagic Suite Data Collection


icon-laserband_40x40GS1 Wristband Printing

  •      Scan patient wristband
  •      Search patient by ward
  •      Identify the patient

icon-ewsEarly Warning Score (EWS)

  •      Record patient vital signs
  •      Monitor patient vital signs (Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SpO2)
  •      Calculate EWS in Real-time


icon-foodOther Applications

  •      Food record
  •      Track patient food alimentatation during the day



    •      Diagnostic and report patients at risk


    •      Task Planner helps the medical staff to work in collaborative way


    •      Patient ward admission. A patient can be Admitted, Discharged and Transferred

    Core features:

    •      Notifications – Notify the medical staff on custom alerts
    •      Offline state – Keep working with no connection