NHS update the Master Data Exchange

The UK Department of Health has revised their Master Data Exchange documentation and issued a new set of data attributes.


The NHS Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and the Provision of Services were also   amended in January 2017 to include a requirement on suppliers to adhere to compliance timelines published by the Department of Health.

One further change is that if a base package contains multiple items that are used individually as the ‘unit of use’ at the point of patient care and they cannot be individually identified by a GTIN (and physical barcode) e.g. pair of surgical gloves, these will be considered later for inclusion in the Data Dictionary using component level attributes.

Price data is currently out of scope for GDSN and should be handled separately. Although the Price data should be provided in a GS1 format suppliers can publish data, at least in the medium term, directly to their customers using a transport method of their choosing.

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