Are you ready for NHS eProcurement?

Are you ready for the NHS eProcurement?

The NHS eProcurement strategy is well under way and 2018 will see it become regulatory for companies who supply to the NHS. Find out if you’re ready!

Join GS1

You’ll need to join GS1. When you join GS1 they’ll give you a series of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN’s). You will need to assign these to your products. They’ll also give you a company prefix number to uniquely identify your company. From this you can create a Global Location Number (GLN).

Register your GLN

One of the main aspects of eProcurement is PEPPOL. To get visibility on the PEPPOL network you’ll need to register your GLN in the PEPPOL directory. The PEPPOL directory acts like the yellow pages. When a message, such as a purchase order or invoice, is sent across the PEPPOL network the GLN acts like a phone number that instructs the network where to route it to so it ends up in your mailbox.

Get a PEPPOL Access Point Provider

You will need a PEPPOL provider. You can choose any provider you want, similar to choosing a mobile phone network provider. Simply pick the package that suits you best. Most companies offer integration into your current ordering system but there is a substantial cost to it.

Get your Product and Pricing Data Ready

Soon, the NHS e-Catalogue will be live. You should already be getting your product and pricing data ready. Each product needs to have a GTIN. You then need to collect information on the names and descriptions of the product as well as safety information, the dimensions of the product, the packaging levels and ordering information.

Join a GDSN Provider

To send your data to the e-catalogue you will need a GDSN data pool provider. GDSN is the Global Data Synchronisation Network and is a way of enabling companies around the globe to exchange standardised and synchronised supply chain data with their trading partners. Submitting via the GDSN ensures the data is accurate and compliant with universally supported standards.

GS1 Standards for Labelling

Finally, you will need to adhere to GS1 standards for your product labelling. Standards include the information that makes up the barcode string, the barcodes used, the size of the quiet zones around the barcode and the information contained on the label.

Kodit’s Offering.

Kodit offer everything you need for compliance. We are a PEPPOL access point provider. We have a master data management system that only accepts GDSN compliant product and price data. We’ve also developed a cloud based GS1 certified label designer that links to your product data. Our compliance solutions help you at every step with GS1 standards and verification that your data is compliant. On top of that we have partners who provide access to the GDSN. We also provide individual solutions such as PEPPOL only or our label designer only.

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