Need ZebraDesigner Pro for Mac? Try koditPaperFlex.

It’s like ZebraDesigner Pro but for Mac

Without access to traditional downloaded labelling tools like ZebraDesigner Pro, Mac users need an alternative. koditPaperFlex has all the essentials of PC based label design tools like ZebraDesigner Pro without keeping you tied to a PC.

​Create basic or professional labels with barcodes for any industry. Use Texts, Paragraphs, Images, Barcodes and Shapes (Rectangle, Ellipse, Line) to design any label.

ZPL import

If you’ve recently switched from a PC to a Mac, you may be wondering how to edit your old ZPL template files. Simply import these ZPLs into koditPaperFlex and continue working.

​You’ll be able to edit the file just as you would in ZebraDesigner Pro. Draw or place elements into place—it’s that easy.

More affordable

You can outfit your entire organisation with koditPaperFlex for about half the cost of running PC based label design tools. Unlike clunky Windows software, koditPaperFlex works smoothly on any operating system.

​With “Single User”, “5 Users”, and “10 Users” accounts, you’ll find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Easy to get started

No more launching slow virtual machines or being stuck without an alternative to ZebraDesigner Pro for Mac. Simply create an account and you’ll be designing/labelling in moments.

​koditPaperFlex brings the simplicity and polish that Mac users are accustomed to—it’s a natural fit.

Real-time collaboration

Work in real time with anyone in the world. Avoid the games of email attachment overload, single-user editing, and being concerned about backups.

​Transitioning to the cloud makes it simple to bring people together to collaborate. Mac users are used to this functionality.

Cross-platform compatibility

Access your label templates across all of your devices at no additional cost. Seamlessly use koditPaperFlex on your iMac, and MacBook and have your labels on the go.

With your label templates in the cloud, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date version. PC Based downloads are a thing of the past.

ZebraDesigner Pro koditPaperFlex
 Operating systems Windows Windows, Mac, Linux
Sharing, and real-time collaborating x
No downloads or updates allowing users to always have the most up-to-date version) x
ZPL import & export x
Web-based software x
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