KUDID Update.

New Features

Character for printing serial numbers in the Order module has been changed.
When printing serial number ranges we used the character – (dash) to denote the range i.e AA100-AA104 would print 5 labels AA100, AA101, AA102, AA103 and AA104. This meant that users couldn’t use a dash in their serial numbers. We now use a colon to denote a range meaning the serial number AA-100 can now be used.

Serial Number sequence rearranged in the Orders module.
When creating an order the serialisation tab had the sequence – Prefix, Start Number, Number of Digits, Suffix but when editing an order the sequence was Prefix, Suffix, Start Number and Number of Digits. The former sequence has been used both for creation of an order and editing an order.

Date Format of Orders has been set to YYYY-MM-DD by default
When creating an order the default setting for the date format was YYYY. This has been changed to the required FDA UDI format YYYY-MM-DD. The user still has the ability to change the format.

Order Quantity Changed to Lot Size
When creating an order there was a field called Quantity. This was confusing as the base package has a ‘Quantity’ field. We have now changed the Order quantity to ‘Lot Size’.

Total Prints changed to Lot Size
In the order section the Total Prints has been changed to Lot Size to reflect the Lot Size in the Create Order section.

Base Package Shelf Life added
A shelf life has been added to the Base Package. This means that if an order is created off a base package that has a 5 year shelf life then the Expiry Date will automatically populate to 5 years after the Date of Manufacture. The user has the ability to override the Expiry Date.


Bug Fixes

Link OS printing Fixed.
There was an issue where changing the name of a Link OS printer stopped it from working.

When labels were printed using a Link OS printer an error message was coming up saying ‘No Label Found’

Controlled by Serial Number fixed.
If an order was created with a Serial Number but the user set the ‘Controlled by Serial Number’ boolean to ‘False’ the serial number still showed in the barcode string.

Editing an Order was causing the Manufacture Date and Expiration Date to disappear.
A Google Chrome update was causing dates to be lost when editing an order.

Duplicated base packages were not automatically appearing in the GUDID Revisions section
All base packages created should appear in the GUDID Revisions module. Duplicated base packages were not appearing in there.

The filter menu in the module grid view disappearing when you hover over it.
A Google Chrome update was causing the filter menu to disappear when you hovered over it.


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